Marry Housemas to all from dj Benny Camaro

December 21, 2018

Even this Christmas is coming and the year is coming to an end … it was a fantastic 2018 for me and full of surprises, but the new year reserves news bomb and changes for my future, I’m excited to let you know everything … but we give time to time, in the meantime I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a better year!

thanks to Kumusic who has always supported me as a family, thanks to my manager Jacopo who is first and foremost a friend, thanks to my web master Carmine Montella that makes this wonderful site always updated and functional, thanks to all the record labels that believe in me and in particular thanks to Robbie Rivera for everything and thanks to EDX and Sirup family (new from January) and finally thanks to Sender Van Doorn (other news coming soon). in the end thanks to all the people who love me and thanks to all the others!

Happy Holidays.
Benny Camaro