Midance with Benny Camaro On 26th November 2018 in Milan

November 22, 2018
On 26th November 2018 in Milan, Benny Camaro will join Midance, one of the most important musical event in Italy that is dedicated to the placement of new artists and labels.

He will represent the Juicy Music label and you can find him at the Sio Café in Milan from 7.30pm to midnight.

The main labels that you’ll find are: Energy Production, Do It Yourself, Bang Record, Tornado (FMA), Reshape (Dipiù Music), JE | Just Entertainment, IHU Music Group, Art & Music and Total Freedom Recordings.

During this event, record companies will exchange their new ideas and music in a round table with DJ and producers. There will be a live set mix in which every dj, producer and label’s representative can play one track, just like a little festival.

At midnight, the most influential figures of the Italian dance music in the world (DJs, producers, bloggers, managers, musicians, record companies,…) will be rewarded by the organization and, thanks to SIOscar, also the most promising young talent will receive a prize.

The event will be on air on its main sponsors: Silver Music Radio, Fabric Live and One Dance Radio. The entrance price is 10€ with one drink at the buffet.

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